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Automatic transfer switch back-up generator


KDE Electric is an authorized dealer for selling, installation and service of Generac stand-by generators.

Automatic transfer switch service entrance, whole house type for a 20 KW generator

Automatic transfer switch service entrance

For your long term peace of mind, we install Stand-by Generators on concrete pads, not on sand or gravel

Generator installed on concrete pad

Because a transfer switch is imbedded in a bunch of electronics susceptible to transients and lightning strikes KDE Electric protects all house and transfer switch with a 400 Amps Surge Protector

400 Amps surge protector


Automatic Transfer Switch installed in a finished basement: You can't see the pipes in between it and the service panel

Automatic service panel

For LP generators bigger than 17 KW we recommend a propane tank of 1000 gallons.

1000 gal propane tank

The easiest way to install a generator is to be installed close to the meter box or service panel.

Generator close to meterbox

.ATS installed in an unfinished basement.

Installation in unfinished basement

ATS installed in a finshed garage.

Installed in finished garage