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Back-up generator for the next hurricane


Dear Friends,

We all know how devastating the effects of events such as Hurricane Irene can be, especially when they involve major flooding and power outages. Some may try to solve the crisis by connecting their power source to a gasoline generator. This, in fact, is not the most reliable solution because for such a generator, the engine spark plugs are not protected against water and moisture and can very easily get wet and eventually stop functioning. Such generators are designed solely for dry conditions and will not work in wet environments.

In addition, imagine this scenario: A hurricane is tearing through the neighborhood in the middle of the night, and your wife wakes you up to fill the gasoline tank of the generator. Weary-eyed, you grab the diesel container instead of the appropriate gasoline bottle and end up dousing the tank with the wrong stuff! Your wife won’t be happy, and neither will you.

A full tank for such a generator has the capacity to hold several gallons that will enable your household to have electricity for 2-3 hours, after which you will need a prescription refill – just as if you were be taking another visit to the doctor! Also, gas generators don’t start when they’re cold, so what will you do in the event of winter? Grab a gas torch and start warming up the generator, and possibly end burning out your basement, barn, or shed?! Also keep in mind that if you don’t use the generator for a prolonged period of time, all the tiny “valves and arteries” become clogged with “gasoline cholesterol” and the generator will not start even if you burn out the tank. Problematic? Maybe – so we’ve got the solution!

KDE Electric gives you the saving idea of installing an automatic stand-by 24/7 Generac generator for the whole house. Such a generator is installed outside your house in such a way that it is protected against water and wind, rodents and ants. It sits on a concrete base, hooked up to the city gas line or to a propane tank. This generator turns ON once a week at low speed in an economical way just to keep the moving parts well lubricated and ready in case of the event of a hurricane and other power outages. It automatically senses when the power goes off and kicks on within 10 seconds. When the utility come back and you have it again at your meter base, the generator automatically transfers back to utility and quits running, going back to sleep mode. Plus the new Smart Switch Technology will cycle your major house appliances (such as range, AC, water heater, well and septic pumps etc) ON and OFF so that your generator is never overloaded.

If you want to sleep soundly at night, whether in the calm or the storm, please feel free to take a quick glance at the attached pictures.

KDE Electric is a certified Generac dealer and service provider with experience in such field for over 25 years. If you would like to know more about our free estimates, simply reply to this email.

Thank you,

Emil Chirvasuta

KDE Electric manager

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