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Stand-by Generators - installation, service, maintenance


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So far Generac holds 70% of residential strand-by generator market nationwide. All other competitors like Kohler, Onan, GE/Briggs, etc share the rest of 30%. Because General generators are so affordable and popular - and there are good resons for this!- we, as a Generac dealer, have the incentive to maintain the Dealer Certifcation because evidently, we don't risk to be without business working with them!

A generator is a machine that, from the technical point of view, is going to need maintenance and repairs at a certain point in its life. We are prepared for that moment with a full inventory of parts and pieces, and are able to repair and have it running again in hours, not weeks after the storm is gone and utility power is restored.

We know that you, as a consumer, need this generator to run in emergency situations. And if it is not functioning then, your investment is not worth too much. This is why it is so important to have a correct estimate, a correct design, service, maintenance, and repairs - all at the proper time. We do high quality work in serving our customers in all these aspects.

A stand-by generator is made to be installed outside. If designed, installed, and maintained properly it can survive outside, ready to work, for over 20 years in the most harsh conditions - huricanes, snow and/or ice, or very low temperatures up to 0°F.

The portable generator is not meant to be used in adverse conditions.

A typical 7.5KW manual transfer switch with 10 circuits installed by KDE Electric. You can find in it the essential circuits that are backed up by a gasoline generator:

  • water heater – 30Amps, 240V circuit
  • septic system pumps – 20Amps, 120V circuit
  • well pump – 20Amps, 240V circuit
  • garage doors – 15Amps, 120V circuit
  • bathroom circuit – 20Amps, 120V circuit
  • microwave circuit – 15Amps, 120V circuit
  • living room and TV plugs circuit
  • master bedroom circuit -15Amps, 120V

Generator panels
Generator panel

A gas (propane) generator of 12 KW or more is installed for bigger houses with a service panel of 400 Amps. when it is necessary to back up more power. Such a generator is shown in the pictures below, installed by KDE Electric for a home in Marshall, VA.

Assembly together service panel – transfer switch


15 Kw gas generator

Gas generator

600 Amps transfer switch

600 amps transfer switch

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