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As a Generac authorized dealer, we are proud to provide high quality, top-selling, reliable generators.

From standby to portable, we offer different sizes of generators based on your needs.

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Take An Informed Decision – Standby Or Portable Generators

Portable generators are used for low power uses: tools, job sites, camping, small emergencies that mainly range from 1.8 KW to 8 KW.

Because of moving limitations, weight, and difficulty to handle bigger portable generators (over 8KW), a standby generator is used for residential and commercial uses, for dedicated to a specific purpose, as well as in all situations when you don’t intend to move it later.

The portable generators are Diesel or gasoline powered, while the standby generators are liquid propane/natural gas powered (LP/NG). The reason to use LP/NG is that in time for over six months, the gasoline or Diesel fuel loose their octane strength, making it more difficult to run the generator, or even impossible to start it. At the end, if the generator is not used for a whole year, you need to replace the fuel, which is messy process and a waste of money. More that that, a full tank of gasoline has a limited time of running the generator, between four to eight hours. After this, you need to refuel. Diesel generators are more efficient than gasoline-based generators, but they still need to be refilled. Another inconvenience for Diesel/gasoline generators is that at very cold temperatures (20F to -7F) it is very difficult to start the generator.

Portable generators are made to be stored inside, in a dry place and to be outside only when used. This is why you need to be able to move them as needed.

These are serious reasons why we recommend standby LP/NG generators for residential and commercial buildings. The LP/NG generators have an easy start engine and for cold weather they can be equipped with a cold weather kit to make sure the engine starts at the right time with no effort. Also they are less noisy and not atmosphere pollutant. So, go for GREEN! The LP/NG fuel does not loose its octane characteristics in time. A tank of LP can be as good for use in ten years as in the first day.

Transfer Switches

You cannot hook up directly the generator into the house electric panel, because it will have a devastating effect on the generator, on the house, and the utility grid. You need to install a transfer switch that does the interconnection of these three entities: house, generator, and utility grid. When your house is hooked up on the generator, the utility power needs to be completely disconnected and when the house is getting the electric power from the utility grid, the generator needs to be disconnected from the house. This process of allowing only one source of power at a certain time is accomplished by the transfer switch. There are two types of transfer switches:

KDE Electric has installed over 60 pieces such TVSS to different customers in our six years of business in Virginia. So far we are not aware of any complaint or failure. These Panamax TVSS are indeed very efficient and reliable against lightning or short spikes done by utility disconnects.

Why A Generac Dealer

KDE Electric recently became a dealer for Generac products. Generac is the largest company in USA specialized in manufacturing generators and other products that are incorporated with generators.

The Generac line of products are very reliable. Their OHVI engine lasts longer, and need a less amount of effort in maintaining the engine, because these generators do need maintenance. The Generac Co manufacture these engines especially for the generator use.

Generators are often required to run for hours at a time, day after day. Generac’s OHVI engine utilizes the same type of pressurized oil lubrication used to give automobile engines long and trouble-free lives. They have a significantly longer life compared with other competitive engines three to four times longer.

Generac gives to KDE Electric service installers training classes in installing and servicing such Hi-Tech machines. Technical support is available 24 hours for the dealers.

The sale market for USA is taken by Generac in proportion of 5:1, or 80% just because of the high quality of their products and services.


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